Tonal Still Life Bw by Simon Aberle



DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas Board
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36831-0145-01
COPYRIGHT © Simon Aberle
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Artist: Simon Aberle


I have been artistically inclined from an early age.
As a child I would create things out of cardboard, paper, and anything else I could find. Quite often my parents would find me sitting on the laundry floor, or under a table somewhere quiet ripping off pieces of sticky tape with my teeth!

I was always mesmerized to watch my father drawing or painting, and it inspired me to be creative in as many ways as possible.

In my teenage years I spent most of my work time creating elaborate headers for my assignments, which consequently left me with very little time for actual theory work. I was a silly boy, a joker, and not interested in anything serious, especially school.

I failed year 10 twice due to running amok and procrastinating with my studies. One of my high school art teachers told me once that I had such talent and potential, if only I would just apply myself. At the time I didn’t realise the gravity of what she was trying to tell me.

I left school uncompleted it when I was seventeen, worked several undesirable jobs and had three children very early.
My art took a back seat to my child rearing and songwriting throughout my twenties.

At age 30 my first marriage ended, so in March 2008, after a year of post-separation depression, I started drawing again.
I realised what my life had neglected and it started a whirlwind of pencil sketches, acrylic and pastel paintings and photography.​

I was certain that I wanted art to become my career so in 2011 I began studying for a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Adelaide Central School of Art.

I now live in beautiful South Australia and Life is Great :)