The Angels by Mario Sordini



DIMENSIONS (Height - 75.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2120-0159-01
COPYRIGHT © Mario Sordini
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Artist: Mario Sordini


I was born in Rome in 1952

To be raised in this city and to be surrounded by the greatest works of art in the world means that you cannot remain indifferent to their beauty and magnificence and this has left me with a great passion for art, particularly painting.

Therefore, as a young man I began to paint without any formal artistic training, only with the enthusiasm to create something with colour that would excite me and with time I realised that my forte in abstract painting. The contrast of cold, hot and vivid colours that I use in my works express all my emotions and feeling as well as my deep sense of spirituality.

I am self-taught so a few years ago whilst I was living in Canberra, I felt the need to expand on some basic components that I did not possess in order to complete my artistic training so I enrolled in a visual arts course at the School of Art at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Even now I continue to paint with that same initial passion I had in my youth and which has never left me. I derive much pleasure from participating in group art exhibitions in a spirit of confronting with myself. I have received compliments and recognition for my work, which although modest, have been a great source of satisfaction for me.

My works can be found in private collections and public institutions both in Australia and in Italy.