King Of The Jungle by Karin Mckee



DIMENSIONS (Height - 13.00 cm X Width - 13.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Scratchboard
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37427-0142-01
COPYRIGHT © Karin Mckee
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Artist: Karin Mckee


Born in Box Hill, Melbourne, in 1972 to Scottish immigrant parents, I have always been inspired by hand-drawn artwork, and excelled at graphic design in high school. Encouraged by teachers and family members, I furthered that interest in design, colour and art by completing studies in a Diploma of Arts where I gained a broad knowledge of perspective, textures, rendering and realism in drawing.

Over the years I have continued to study different techniques such as oil painting, pencils, pastels, Lignan style traditional Chinese Brush painting and Scratchboarding – not being restricted to one medium, style, or subject.

I am inspired by history, traditions, ancient locations, nature, and wildlife, and has travelled to many scenic locations to soak in the elements.  This is reflected in my artwork, which explores the colours, textures and stunning visual displays of the outdoors; including skies, animals, rocks and trees.  By reproducing them with different mediums, I aim to capture the essence of the scene in both a hyper-realism style such as Scratchboard - and lately, in looser, freer style using watercolours.

Every new piece of artwork changes with the subject, and my ultimate aim is to bring pleasure to the viewer – expressing my love for the subject in the only way I knows how – through beautiful art!

Technique & Style

I mainly works in traditional media, but am best known for pencil, oil painting and scratchboarding.

Specialising in mainly wildlife and landscape scenes, I prefer a strong realism style.


Exhibition Director for Wildlife Art Society of Australia (WASA)

Signature Member, International Scratchboard Society Association (ISSA)