Glory 59 Carving The Spirit Of Flowers Festivity by Fayez Assaf

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It is a try to paint the spirit of flowers festivity and its celebration.

DIMENSIONS (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 61.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Canvas
GENRE Impressionist
REGISTERED NRN # 000-3282-0148-01
COPYRIGHT © Fayez Assaf


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Artist: Fayez Assaf


  • My studies in structural Engineering, Theology, and Art helped together to support my view and my contemplations towards the world around us. My expressionistic Art creations are my attempts to touch the heart of God's Glory.

I was born in Egypt April 1943, the style of life on my family's banana farm where I have brought up, has shaped my personality to respect people individuality, loving nature, and animals. My simple pencil drawings and water colours paintings of my childhood reflect early fascination with symbols and metaphors.

Graduated 1967 as Civil Engineer from Cairo University and I was married the same year with the girl who shared my interests in Art and Construction. We lived in the Nile's Delta of Egypt working in a Consultancy and Design Bureau where during I built more interest about Art, Architecture, and History. We travelled 1975 to the Arabian Gulf Peninsula where we stablished a construction company in Doha the capital of Qatar.

Doha is wonderful city, for us it was the time to discover the world. We visited other countries and came to Australia twice before deciding to move permanently. My Doha's paintings reflected my interest for abstract ideas, modern ideologies, and philosophies. We immigrated to Australia 1988; we loved its nature, people, democracy, freedom, and the policy of equal opportunity. I studded Fine Art in the Royal Melbourne Institute "RMIT" and graduated 1995.

I use the embedded metaphorical or speritual construct that exists in society and relates to the subject to reveal the harmony and introduce the intrinsic effect. In other words, I use the human common simple connotations about the subject as tools to form a language that can translate the transcendent message and carve the meaning.

If I must use a trem to identify my Art, I like to call it "META-REALISM" as an Art of logical forms that communicates a transcendent metalanguage which I do intend to touch smoothly the deep subconscious. I create the structure to hold a forms that I wish to go beyond physicis to the land of spiritual dimensions.

The general theme of my works is a language that reflects the hidden connotations imbedded in shapes, colours, lines, and textures. It communicates my soul and my existence within the world's time and eternity.