Companions Amongst The Corals by Karen Mendez Cocks



DIMENSIONS (Height - 97.00 cm X Width - 97.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37369-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Karen Mendez Cocks
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Artist: Karen Mendez Cocks


Im from the town of Tandag, Province of Surigao del Sur, Mindanao Philippines. I've come from a family of creative minds. My first painting was on the back of disused sign canvas. My first Solo Art exhibition was back in 1998 at Balanghai Hotel in Butuan City Sponsored by the Women's group Fowards Filipina. My style of Painting Pointillism was inspired by the Philippines Tribal  body tattoo " Lumad". I also love to create images by Carving limestone tiles. My Brother Noellivan Mendez from my home town of Tandag has been a big inspiration on my Journey in the Art world. Growing up in a seaside village has had a big influence on my love for Marine life and the Natural  Beauty of the seaside. I love to use a vibrant colours in my artworks I feel good when people tell me the bright colours bring a happy feeling to their home. I migrated to Australia in 2008 after meeting my Husband Darren when I was here previously on a holiday. Darren is very supportive and has encouraged me to do what I enjoy. We live in Mount Martha a 5yr old Daughter who also loves  Art.