Birch by Cliff Macalpine


ARTIST NOTES: In this piece I have tried to highlight the beautiful and subtle tonings of the bark and contrast this with the stronger, more assertive knothole. (POSTAGE AND HANDLING ARE NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY)

DIMENSIONS (Height - 24.00 cm X Width - 31.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pencil on Paper
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2063-0163-01
COPYRIGHT © Cliff Macalpine
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Artist: Cliff Macalpine


I am what might be called a 'late bloomimg" artist.  Whilst I've been drawing all of my adult life, it is only since 2010 that I have begun to explore how far this can be taken. So - here I am discovering just how beautiful the world can be - and trying to communicate that to you.

My artisitic mission is to reveal to you the beauty in ordinary things that you may not otherwise observe.  Sometimes this can be done by revealing detail. Sometimes it can be done by showing you a smaller part of a larger object. This can only be successful if you choose to look and to see.

I work almost entirely in pencil, either graphite or coloured, or in combination.  This medium is exquisite (to me) in the way it allows me to explore the hidden beauty I seek to reveal.   I don't feel that I have begun to approach the potential this medium has to offer.

My subjects are very often around timber (but definitely not always).  Timber is something for which I have always had an affinity.  It's tactile, textured, tells stories and is almost always beautiful. A consequence of this is that my subjects tend to be unconventional; perhaps a little left field.

I almost always work from photos I have taken myself.  Very often, I will focus on a small portion of that image and enlarge it to see what becomes apparent.  I never aim to reproduce the photo. Why would I when I have the photo anyway?  I try and be guided by the colours and textures  that are revealed. At some stage in the process, I inevitably stop referring to the source and am guided entirely by what is beginning to appear on the paper. I arrive at a point of departure.

I've shown at numerous community art exhibitions.  I've sold through these and privately.  My works have awarded a number of times, including Best In Show (twice), Best Drawing In Show, Very Highly Commended, and Highly Commended.

I've held a solo exhibition and a group exhibition, both with great results.

I hope you enjoy what I do.  I know I delight in doing so.